We provide a safe and peaceful environment where home owners and renters can apply their gardening skills and take pride in growing their own food and flowers. While doing so we will be enhancing the neighborhood visually and environmentally by developing underutilized land into green space.


The mission of the Prospect Park Community Gardens is to teach residents how to grow their own food. We will create opportunities to involve neighborhood youth and teach them about how food goes from seed to table. The collection of flower and vegetable gardens will be a destination for people of diverse economic, cultural, and educational backgrounds. We will present educational events (venues) that will enable participants to share knowledge and enjoy the rich community of gardeners and garden appreciators in Prospect Park and surrounding areas.


  • Create safe and non-threatening environment for all people, especially children
  • Practice open, honest, and respectful communication that includes attentive listening
  • Respect diversity and foster a sense of community
  • Apply a strong work ethic and be accountable for your actions
  • Take pride in what you do but apply humility when appropriate
  • Share knowledge and model behavior
  • Nurture our youth so that they develop healthy eating practices
  • Rejuvenate the earth and the environment organically and minimize the use of chemicals
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Co-Founders Del Hampton (Y) and Sam Johnson (Y) discussing garden plans.


Co-Founders Sam Johnson & Del Hampton Project conception and execution
Garden Coordinators Jenn Hall (Yale)

Lydia & Emily (Arthur)

The Garden Coordinator manages general operations of the garden; chairs Steering Committee and Operational meetings; communicates with gardeners and is the primary contact for external organizations.
Treasurer Del Hampton (Y) The Treasurer manages all financial aspects of the garden; maintains detailed records, and provides reports to the Management Team