Garden Teams

In order for our garden to thrive, members are required to volunteer at least six hours working on communal projects annually.

There are garden-specific teams and activity specific teams. Please view the types and descriptions below. If you have a proposal for a new team or project contact us.

Garden specific teams:

Keep the grounds looking good! Ensure that the site is well maintained and complying with the use permits and gardeners agreement. Water system: Setting up, monitoring for leaks, and breaking down for the season | Mow or mulch paths and pick up trash | Notify gardeners of problems to address with their plot and/or notify the PPCG Coordinator of issues that need to be addressed.

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Activity specific teams:

Team Name & Description Leader Join
Compost and Organics:

Provide a way for dealing with organic garden waste at the sites by maintaining the compost area, assisting with varied composting experiments and communicating with others about composting options

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Food Donations (Garden Gleaning):

Organize collection of produce and food donations, track how much food has been donated, operate the Free Market at Cornerstone and work with Glendale Food Shelf to find out how we can best serve their goals

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Raise money to meet financial goals through grant writing, community engagement, and/or organizing fundraisers like bake sales, bonfire potlucks, etc.

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Manage the technology platform for the PPCG, including the Web site and social media applications. Update existing content, manage photographic data and contribute to garden unity and development through web/marketing presence

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Assist PPCG Coordinator, Del Hamption, with administrative activities and general garden operations

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