Towerside & GardenShare

Site History:

  • Active site since 2014
  • Located at the site of Boeser Sheet Metal in Minneapolis
  • Situated next to Prospect Park light rail stop
  • View the plot map for 2017

Three distinct gardening styles are available at this location:

1. Individual Raised Bed Plots

Raised beds are 4′ x 8′ and will be rented at $10/plot for the gardening season.


2. GardenShare

A gardening opportunity to maintain and harvest produce communally

  • Gain skills and socialize with experienced gardeners
  • Members attend at least one of two set work days per week
  • There  is some flexibility for individual work time in cases of schedule conflicts
  • Enter hours worked into the log
  • Harvest is split equally between members present
  • Membership for the season is $20

3. Hydroponics (included in GardenShare membership)

A high tech new gardening technique, hydroponic gardening provides more vegetables in a smaller space using less water than traditional raised bed vegetable gardening.  We will host workshops to build the hydroponics system and teach the important concepts.  The hydroponics garden activities and outputs are included with the GardenShare membership.


2017 Volunteer Commitments:

Site Coordinator: OPEN

GardenShare Coordinator: Hanna Tremme


April/May Diana Wallin
Jenna Triscari
June/July Rhiannon Dalrymple
Lindsey Sloat
Aug/Sept Jenny Michlitsch
Tom Neufeld
Oct/Nov Cindy Belgam
Bob Belgam


April/May Brenda West
June/July Rhiannon Dalrymple
Aug/Sept Gamini Kumara
Oct/Nov Ashley Wagner

Food Donation:

April/May Jean Emmons
June/July Kathleen Davis
Aug/Sept Renee Canales
Oct/Nov Katy Polakoski

Water Captain: Del Hampton
Water Back-up: Kathleen Davis

Vacation Watering Team:

Rhiannon Dalrymple
Kathleen Davis
Dennie Kim
Jenny Michlitsch
Josie Visser
Diana Wallin
Brenda West